Charlie Star Parties - Fun-filled parties for Children aged 3-8 years
Charlie Star will bring all her own equipment to the venue of your choice. Ipod Sound system, extensive music collection, props, professional rotational disco balls, prizes and more!
All she requires is a party space and a plug socket. Possible party venues can also be suggested and Charlie can come to the party in costume if required. Popular costumes are the Captain pirate Charlie costume, Mrs Potato Head (Toy Story), princess and fairy, dorothy in the wizard of oz or even a wicked witch for halloween! 

Usual Timings for a Charlie Star Party
  • 1 hour of high energy and fun games! 
  • 20 minutes food break
(with your entertainer leading the 'HappyBirthday')
  • 40 minutes of activities
A Few suggested Themes
Hello Kitty Hello Kitty
Pirates party
Peppa Pig Peppa Pig
Princess Party
Princess party
Toy story Wizard of ozWizard of Oz           
Toy Story
                        Hannah Montana
Hannah MontanaMr Men & Little Miss
Mr Men and Little Miss
the theme of your choice or simply
a traditional party!
Give Charlie Star a call or email her for a quote and to chat through your party requirements. Contact us
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